Out Of School Hours Care


Vacation Care! 

Watch this space for a copy of our upcoming Vacation Care program.


About us

We provide After School Care and Vacation Care for children in infants and primary school.  Out of School Hours Care is led by an experienced educator who plans and implements age appropriate programs based on children’s interests and an educational rationale.  We operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

In After School Care we focus on providing a fun and interactive program where children have the opportunity to participate in both individual and group experiences.  At After School Care the children enjoy a healthy afternoon tea before participating in a variety of activities.  There is also the option for completing homework throughout the afternoon.  During Vacation Care the children regularly go on excursions in addition to the highly regarded program we offer on site.

After School Care routine: 

  • Once all children are collected from the schools, we meet in the quiet room to talk about  our day at school and the afternoon ahead
  • Our rolling afternoon tea starts
  • We begin our play and learning experiences throughout our environment
  • at 5:30 we pack away our outside resources and head inside


What have we been up to?

Bacteria! Yes that is right, bacteria. It started with a question from one of our children asking “Why do we need to wash our hands before afternoon tea? there is nothing on my hands, no dirt, nothing!” . Well my friend, we are about to learn why! This sparked an investigation between a small group of children which then turned into a group project with the whole After School Care family! Like the little scientist we are we made our own petri dishes and took swabs of our “no dirt, nothing on them” hands, our mouths, door handles, educators phones, sign in iPad, objects around the room, toilet seats and even things we thought wouldn’t be dirty like our eyelids! Boy were we surprised a few days later when things started to grow on our petri dishes. Feel free to check out our project wall for more details on what else we learnt!