Welcome to the Kurrajong Group

Kurrajong is part of the Preschool section that educates children from approximately 3 to 5 years of age.

A consistent team lead by a university qualified Early Childhood Teacher oversees each Preschool Group and their educational program, ensuring strong attachments are formed with families and children.  We have two Preschool Groups – a 3-4 year old group and a 4-5 year old group, both with a school readiness program.

Introducing the Educators of the Kurrajong Group

The educators in the Kurrajong Group for 2018 are Katrina Watterson (Group Leader) and Kayley Hart. The Kurrjong Group caters for up to 15 children per day aged 3 to 4 years.

We enjoy being with the children in our Kurrajong Preschool Group. For the older children, they will benefit from a school readiness program, being encouraged to see themselves as being role models, leaders and caring friends to the younger children. For the younger children, they will also participate in a preschool program and reap the benefits from the opportunities for peer tutoring and social learning that family grouping offers.

Our focus is our preschool program promoting that your child feels secure at the centre. We talk to each family to ensure each child’s individual needs are being met throughout the day and work to ensure that familiar attachment figures are available for the children.

I know that all our Kurrajong team members enjoy planning and holding small group times with the children. We provide a variety of group times and project work throughout the day aimed at both engaging the children’s attention and extending their learning.