Welcome to the Blue Gum Group

Together with the Kurrajong Group, Blue Gum is part of the Preschool section that educates children from approximately 3 to 5 years of age.

A consistent team lead by a university qualified Early Childhood Teacher oversees each Preschool Group and their educational program, ensuring strong attachments are formed with families and children.  We have two Preschool Groups – a 3-4 year old group and a 4-5 year old group, both with a school readiness program.

The Blue Gum team

The educators in the Blue Gum Group for 2018 are Georgina Miller (Group Leader), Ashlie Bayo, Sharon Carmody and Mikayla Apps.

As a team we are committed to providing a school readiness program, developing strong relationships with our families as well as secure attachments with the children.

We are continually looking at programming learning experiences for the children’s needs and interests. We develop strategies that will help the children adjust to the changes and have a continued sense of belonging.