About our group

In our Banksia group, we care for up to 10 babies and toddlers per day, from 6 weeks to approximately 18 months of age.

The educators in the Banksia Group for 2018 are Annette Miller (Group Leader), Michaela Summerfield and Judi Smith.

Annette will be undertaking a practical placement for her teaching studies during term 1 and Michaela will be taking on the group leader position whilst Annette is away, Taylah Hurst will be joining the Banksia Group until Annette returns at the end of term 1.

As a team we focus on building strong attachments with your children to ensure that they experience a sense of belonging to our Banksia Group. We recognise the importance of our role in your child’s life and we aim to make them feel a special part of the Banksia Group, the Annette’s Place community and the community in which we live.

We recognise that you are the first and most influential educators of children and we endeavor to build a meaningful partnership with you. We are committed to providing your child with high quality education and care and  working with your family.

We offer a flexible routine and educational program based on the needs of the individual children. We would be more than happy to show you around our amazing natural environment and explore with you what we can offer for your child.